Joseph Ehrenpreis is a multi-instrumental performer. His specialization includes the 8-string “Brahms Guitar”, an instrument that was invented by David Rubio and Paul Galbraith in 1994.

Joseph is gaining an international reputation for creating a repertoire for the 8-string “Brahms Guitar”. He has accomplished this through premiering new music, as well through his own transcriptions of works originally written for cello, harp, piano, lute, and violin.

Joseph is an advocate for new music, and has commissioned and performed many new compositions written for the 8-string “Brahms Guitar”.

His 2019 Season presents premiers of 15 new works for the 8-string Guitar by composers from the NYC Women Composer Association (AWCANYC), Tesselat Composers Collective, Julliard, and the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University.

Joseph is a recording artist with Enharmonic Records. His 2019 recording output includes works by Mauro and Emilia Giuliani, and Weneslaus Matiegka an antique romantic guitar made in 1921 by Hermann Hauser I.

It is Joseph’s hope that music and sound will help to promote peace and solidarity in the world.